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Agua Verde

Escrito por Editor GR en Martes, 22 Septiembre 2015. Publicado en Beaches, Tourism


A small village on a bay with crystal clear waters, near the Danzante and Montserrat Islands in the Sea of ​​Cortes, in the municipality of Loreto. It is 10 meters above sea level.
In the place live about 100 people mainly engaged into fishing; there is no tourist or commercial services -so you can only get the seafood and fresh fish that the villagers sell-. However, the area has many gourds and even hot springs nearby. There is a rocky dock called Puerto Agua Verde, where the main beach -also called "Agua Verde"- is located. Suitable for sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, camping, kayaking, among other activities. Undoubtedly, the site is a haven for both foreign and domestic sailboats, anchoring to the area.
Bahia Agua Verde gets its name because of the greenish color seen in the water as you enter it. You can reach this place by sea, departing from Puerto Escondido -south of Loreto- or by ground transportation, 15 kilometers south of Loreto city, taking the Federal Highway # 1.

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