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Best restaurants at Loreto: Gastroteca AZUL

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One of the most newest restaurants at Loreto is Gastroteca AZUL. 


A gastroteca is a popular concept in the Mediterranean, particularly in Spain and Italy. Gastroteca’s are comfortable, local neighborhood restaurants that feature farm to table dishes that support local producers. The décor is chic and the offerings are sophisticated. The Chef’s Counter allows diners to experience the action as they see how ingredients are being used and how they go from the kitchen to the plate.




Chef will feature a menu of tastes and techniques from the Mediterranean, including flavors of Italy, Spain, and France. The menu will be supplemented with Chef Specials to highlight his creativity and the seasonal products of the Baja peninsula.




With fabulous modern cuisine, great signature cocktails, wine, and dessert, gastroteca A Z U L is not just another meal out; it’s an experience.


To find them:

Direction: LAS VILLAS DE LORETO BAY,AGUA VIVA 158,Paseo Misión de Loreto AV158
Col. Nopoló, C.P. 23880, BCS, México
Phone: +52 (613) 133 – 0147
Service hour: MARTES a SABADO 
16:00 a 22:00
 Closed: sunday and monday



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