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The Cabo Pulmo National Park belongs to the municipality of Los Cabos, BCS, Mexico. It is the only coral reef in the eastern Pacific coast,  from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, and one of only three reefs in North America.
This wonderful place has an area of just over 7000 hectares. It consists of four coral reefs arranged in parallel direction and has a length of 4 kilometers. It is estimated that the age of the reef is 25,000 years.


This natural paradise is home to over 226 species of fish, among which the marlin, sailfish and Dorado fish. There are over ten known species of stony corals and countless invertebrates and algae. Furthermore, it is known for the abundance of mollusk mother pearl and also by the frequent visits of large marine mammals, including several species of whales, dolphins, orcas, sea lions, blankets and enormous whale sharks. At the same time, Cabo Pulmo protects the five species of sea turtle are endangered, as well as several endangered species including the black hare, boa desert, the axolotl and mule deer. Regarding birds, we can find yellow-legged gull (endemic to the Gulf of California), the peregrine falcon and the calandria, among others. For all this, the June 6, 1995 Cabo Pulmo was declared a Natural Protected Area under the category of National Marine Park.


The Cabo Pulmo National Park has a depth of between 8 and 20 meters, making it ideal for sports such as diving, fishing, boating, rowing, kayaking and snorkeling, to mention some place. You can also hike, guided tours, flora and wildlife, and boat rides and land vehicles. Also, the place has restaurants, rental "bungalows" , cabins and a  hotel.


Because it is a Federal Protected Area must respect the following rules: it is forbidden to strike, wear gloves, wear knife, use sunscreen, dropping anchor, touching and damaging the coral reef. The best memories are left in memory and photos, so please do not take items belonging to the Park. All this is intended to support the preservation and care of the place.



To reach the  National Park, starting from the city of La Paz should take the road transpeninsular # 1 towards San José del Cabo, past the town of Santiago will be Las Cuevas little town. At this point you should take the road to the village of La Ribera. Just before arriving in La Ribera take another diversion that takes about 10 kilometers of pavement and then becomes dirt road; this road about 17 km, leads directly to the community of Cabo Pulmo.



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