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Espiritu Santo Island at BCS

Escrito por E. S. Editor 1 en Martes, 24 Febrero 2015. Publicado en Beaches, Biodiversity , Ecology, Fishing, Islands, Marine life , Tourist attraction


The National Archipelago Park Espiritu Santo, better known as Espiritu Santo Island, is located 29 kilometers far north of the bay of the city of La Paz, BCS, Mexico. Its coasts are numerous cliffs where we can appreciate multicolored volcanic extracts. It has as an area of 99 kilometers, and thanks to its remarkable beauty and rich biodiversity was declared a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


This exceptional region is home of coral reefs, dolphins, whales, and juveniles whale sharks and over 800 marine species and 39% of the world's fish! It is also the habitat of endemic species such as herons, red-tailed hawk, cat tail bell, black hare, "Juancito", sand snake and the northern cacomistle, locally called "babisuri"

And also, Espiritu Santo Island hosts an islet called "The lobera" where you'll find a thriving colony of the species of sea lions, endemic of Baja California Peninsula.




Its isolation, its scenic beauty, the flora and wildlife, the contrasts between the sea and the desert immediately captive who visit it. The seductive tranquility of its numerous beaches is its main attractions. His attributes can be enjoyed in various ways, either by observing its flora and wildlife on a boat (yacht, sailboat, dinghy or kayak), walking through the authorized paths, or resting in his more than twenty beaches intended for recreation and camping. There are also numerous sites to conduct recreational diving, including around Islets, where you can dive in the company of sea lions and Lower Espiritu Santo, where occasional giants mantas and hammerhead sharks are observed.



To enjoy this natural paradise you can sail from Playa El Tecolote which is just 35 km from the center of La Paz or from piers located along the malecon of the city, where pangas, yachts and tour boats  get out to the Isla Espiritu Santo. However, it is advisable to hire the services of an experienced guide, or the many tourist services providers that are in La Paz.



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