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Los Barriles.

Escrito por E. S. Editor 1 en Jueves, 26 Marzo 2015. Publicado en Articles, Beaches, Biodiversity , Fishing


Los Barriles is a quiet community that formerly was home of a few fishermen. Today it is the home of  just over one thousand  habitants, nationals and internationals.  Because of the  tranquility, peace, fun and relaxed atmosphere, has a magical effect on foreign tourists visiting for the first time to  this picturesque place, making them want to stay permanently.



Belonging to to the municipality of La Paz (Baja California Sur, Mexico) it is located approximately 105 kilometers southwest of La Paz and 64 kilometers north of San Jose del Cabo, for the transpeninsular road number 1 or "Old Road".


Los Barriles has wide beaches of soft white sand and turquoise contrasts in its waters loves to anyone. Even exist some  5 stars hotels, rustic little bars and comfortable cabins for rent, Los Barriles contains a variety of beautiful deserted beaches and miles of virgin land, which provide shelter for anyone who seeks to get away from the bustle city dwellers.

Besides, by  being a fishing village, here you can enjoy the best regional cuisine restaurants that offer a basis of delicious dishes made with the fruits of the Sea of Cortez.


Loa_Barriles_Barcos_BCS_La_Paz_Playas Hotel_Los_Barriles_BCS_La_Paz_Playa_Palapa

This little place of Baja California Sur, is also known as the international mecca for fishermen, because its waters challenge the intrepid adventurers who enjoy practicing sport fishing. The main species caught are dorado, rooster fish, swordfish and sailfish, and certainly the big marlin.

Los_Barriles_BCS_La_Paz_Comida_Regional_Restaurantes Los_Barriles_Comida_Regiuonal_camarones_La_Paz_Restaurante_Platillo_Mariscos

In the peaceful waters of Los Barriles you will find a wide range of activities to do such as boating, jet skis, bananas, parachute, diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, kite boarding and surfing, or if you prefer, you can entering into the  sudmarino environment, practicing snorkeling since the multicolored fish and hundreds of marine species, such as large stingrays and caves and wrecks,  will surprise you, giving you plenty to talk about.



 paddleboarding_los_barriles_La_Paz_playa_BCS Los_Barriles_kiteboarding_La_Paz_BCS_playas_activiades_deportivas Los_barriles_paddleboard_La_Paz_Playas_BCS

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