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Sierra de la Laguna

Escrito por Editor GR en Jueves, 24 Septiembre 2015. Publicado en Biodiversity , Ecology


The "Sierra de la Laguna" is the name given to the most visited mountainous area in BCS, Mexico. Located in the mountainous part comprising the municipalities of La Paz and Los Cabos. While it is possible to reach it in various ways one of the best known is through the town of Todos Santos, south of La Paz. Enacted as a Biosphere Reserve in 1994 by the National Commission on Protected Areas. It is rich in biodiversity in both flora and fauna, where visitors can see forests of pine-oak, mule deer, bobcat, coyote, gray fox, black-tailed hare, among others.


"Picacho" is the highest point in BCS from which both the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean 
can be seen.

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