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The Pearls of La Paz

Escrito por E. S. Editor 1 en Lunes, 20 Abril 2015. Publicado en Articles, Beaches, Tourism, Tourist attraction


 In Baja California Sur the Spanish found something that caught his attention , were not the sunsets or the combination of sea and desert , were the pearls.


The ancient Californians discovered the pearls found on the coasts, from the Coromuel to the Bay of Las Palmas and from San Juan de La Costa to the Canal de San José. The islands as Espiritu Santo and San Jose also had pearls  in their beautiful waters . Natives used them to decorate their necklaces , plumes , headbands and belts.


The Spanish quickly realized pearls and awoke their greed. In this way,  rumors came to the Spanish Crown about  an island full of pearls and gold where only women lived. All this only pearls report was true. That was how the Spanish greed began with an uncontrollable holding pearl in California waters, so much that the  century  17 was baptized "Century of pearl divers . "


But like everything in excess is bad, the first ecological impact recorded in the history of the Gulf came,  the pearls  were over after 150 years of excessive extraction, this caused that  La Paz lost fame it had obtained. 


In 1830 the French man Cambier decided to start marketing with Pearl Shell  because in Europe used it to draw different objects. Thanks to this there was jobs and significant economic growth leading to La Paz to become a commercial port.  40 years after  the diving suit arrived and they could find pearls that were saved from exploitation, facts wich caused further growth.



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